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How to clear your browser cache and cookies for Aspen

If you are getting an error when trying to access Aspen (such as a 500 error), clearing your cache and cookies may fix the issue.

Clearing the cache and cookies in Google Chrome

Go to the Aspen webpage for Newburyport (

If possible, please wait for the Aspen webpage to fully load and the error to appear before proceeding.

Next, click on theĀ icon next to the URL in your address bar:

Then, click on "Cookies and site data":

Next, click on "Manage cookies and site data":

First, click on the trash can icon next to the URL for Aspen to delete the cache and cookies. After that, click "Done":

Google Chrome will prompt you to reload the webpage. Click "Reload":

After that, the Aspen webpage will reload and you should no longer see an error.