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How To Manage Your Monitor And Projector

You have the option to runuse different display modes in your classroom. InWhen thisdoing menuso, your projector is treated and labeled as a screen. By default we setdefault, your computer is set to “Duplicate.”Duplicate. WhateverThis means whatever is on your displaydesktop monitor will also be shown on your projector. YouIf you prefer, you can switch to Extend, mode”which allowingallows your desktop monitor and projector to operate as independentconnected, but independent, screens.

Press and hold [windowsthe key]Windows Key +[p] (Remember “p” as in project)P


A menu will slide in from the leftappear, allowing you to choose whata mode you want to run in.mode.


If you are runningusing in extended modeExtend and want to move a window to the other screen (e.g. from your desktop monitor to the projector) there are two ways to accomplish this. First, you can use theyour mouse,mouse. clickClick and hold on it,the holdwindow, and then drag it to the other screenscreen. orSecond, you can use your keyboard. Press and hold the Windows keyboard by holding [windows key]Key + [shift]P and then use the arrow keys to shift the selected window to the other screen.


*NOTENOTE: When in “Extend”Extend modemode, the only way to run the Elmo software (Image Mate) in full screen and on theyour projector in is to maximisefirst maximize it and then use theWindows [windows key]Key + [shift]P and the arrow keykeys method. to move it to the right display.