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How to Reset Your Password Yourself

You can easily reset your password from a web browser on any device by using our Single Sign-On (SSO) portal:

After clicking the link above, you will be brought to our SSO login page.

Underneath the blue Sign In button, you will see Need help signing in? Click on it.


A menu will appear with several options. Click on Forgot password?


Next, enter your username (not your email address) and click the blue Reset via Email button.


Note: This will send a message to your secondary email address. If you have not added a secondary email in our SSO portal, you will not be able to reset your password yourself. Clicking on Can't access email will display a message instructing you to contact the Tech Office. Calling us is not the best option. We strongly recommend submitting a ticket through our helpdesk if you don't have a secondary email and need your password reset:


If you do have a secondary email set, after clicking the Reset via Email button, you will see the message Email sent!


Go to your secondary email account, and you will see a message titled "Newburyport Public Schools - Account Password Reset". In the email, click on the green Reset Password button.


For some younger students, the security question is preset to Name of this city? with the answer: Newburyport

After you enter your answer, click on the Reset Password button.


Now you will be asked to enter a new password. Enter it in both boxes and then click Reset Password.


If your new password matched, you will be brought to the SSO portal.

There's one final step to complete your password reset: sign out and then sign in with your new password.

Click on your name in the navigation bar of the SSO portal and click Sign out.


Log in with your username (not your email address) and the new password you just chose.


Once you have logged in successfully and see the SSO portal again, you are finished.


Your new password will now be updated for Google, any Chromebook, and all district computers and devices.