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How to Reset Your Password via the Helpdesk

If you don't knowremember the answer to your security question, or don't have access to your secondary email address, you will need to have tothe technology office reset your password manually. Please submit a ticket torequesting thea NPS Technology Helpdesk in order topassword reset yourthrough password.our helpdesk:

The link above will bringAfter you tosubmit thea ticketticket, submissiona pagemember for our helpdesk. Fill out the required fields and let us know you need to have your school account password reset. Someone fromof the technology office will reset your password and then respond to theyour ticket with both your username and a temporary password.

Next, go to our Single Sign-On (SSO) portal.portal. You can also complete the remaining steps through the login screen on your school Chromebook:

Enter your username in the 'Username' field, and the temporary password in the 'Password' field. Then click 'Sign in'.


StepYou 2will see a message at the top that states "Your Okta password has expired".

Enter the temporary password again in the 'Old Password' field. Then, pick a new password and enter it in both 'New password' and 'Repeat password'. Click the 'Change Password' button.


StepIf 3you entered everything correctly, it will log you into our SSO portal. Please remember what you chose as your new password.


Done.If get an error message, make sure you're using the temporary password for 'Old password' and that the two entries for your new password match.