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NPS Connector Quick Start Guide

Before You Begin

1. This software is intended for remote access to network resources (drives, etc.) from home on a district owned laptop running Windows. 

2.  This software is designed for out of district use. It will not work if you are connected to a school building network, so please test at home, or another location, as it will fail to connect if already connected to our school network.

To start your connection

Double click on this icon, which should be on your Windows desktop.


When it starts, it will run some quick tests to determine it is ready to connect. Please Wait.


When you see the password prompt, you are ready to connect. Enter your Windows (same as your school email) password and hit enter.


When it is finished connecting it should say "you are now connected". You should then have access to network drives and services. If you see any errors, or the software fails to start, please restart your computer and try again. If you still have issues please contact the technology department.