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Tech Info, Guides, and FAQs

Technology Overview

Welcome to Newburyport Public Schools! Newburyport Public Schools is a Google for Education dist...

Technology Helpdesk - Submit a Ticket!

If you're having technology trouble, need support or repairs, or have a question, please visit ou...

Clearing Your Cache and Browsing Data in Chrome

Your browser cache works by saving files and settings for websites you visit. This increases the ...

Document Cameras (IPEVO & Elmo)

How to Clean Your Devices

Cleaning your device Cleaning your devices is simpler than you’d think. The most important thing...

How to Manage Your Monitor and Projector

You have the option to use different display modes in your classroom. When doing so, your project...

How to Sign into Google

We have a simple and easy to remember link that will log you into our single sign-on (SSO) and br...


MCAS information.

Office 365 Information

As a Google for Education district, we recommended using Google apps whenever possible. However, ...

Phone & Voicemail

Printing & Copiers

Information on printing, using the copiers, our print release system, and your FOB.


Information on using Clever.