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Macbook FAQs and Links to Resources

How do I project in my classroom?

Please refer to our wiki article on using your Mac with the Apple TV that's connected to your classroom projector: Connecting to an Apple TV from a Mac

How do I project elsewhere?

If you need to project to a display that is not connected to an Apple TV, please contact either the tech integrator of the building you are in, or the technology office. We can lend you an adapter to connect to an HDMI port. If this is something you do routinely, please contact the technology office for a quote to purchase an adapter.

How do I play sound on my classroom speakers without projecting?

You can AirPlay audio from your Mac to an Apple TV. Please refer to the section of the following wiki article titled "AirPlay audio": Connecting to an Apple TV from a Mac

How do I access my H drive?

While we understand that many staff still use their H drive, we do recommend you migrate to Google Drive if possible. By using Google Drive, you can access all of your files at home, or otherwise remotely. However, H drives can still be accessed on your Mac. Please refer to the following wiki article for instructions: NoMAD and H Drive Access

Missing Software or Software Requests

The baseline software that will be automatically installed on your MacBook within a few hours of initial setup is as follows:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Drive
  • Jamf School (allows you to quickly install optional software)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Teams
  • NoMAD (allows H drive access and access to other network resources, syncs passwords)
  • T Drive (Homemade application for T drive access, only works on school premises, still in testing)
  • Zoom

Optional software is available on your Mac using the Jamf tool. You can browse and install optional software by clicking on the "J" icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

If you have any other software requests for software you cannot install yourself, please put in a ticket and we can see about purchasing or deploying software. Please include a link to the software you need as well as a list of people who need it.

What accessories work with the new mac?

We wrote an accessories guide for anyone wanting to purchase accessories for their laptop: M1 MacBook Optional Accessories Guide